Why is your botox not lasting?


Is your Botox not lasting and you’re wondering why?

Do you frown in the sun? Or squint when reading?
Repeating these facial movements develop fine lines and wrinkles.
And this is when Botox, one of the best anti-aging treatments, comes to the rescue!

But… Is your Botox not lasting and you’re wondering why? Here are 7 reasons to keep in mind.

Botox result starts to show at 5-7 days and the final result shows at 2 weeks and should last 4-6 months.

#1 Be sure that the injector you are seeing is skilled and experienced.

#2 The top-shelf products on the market, that provide long-lasting and beautiful results are Dysport and Allergan.

#3 The amount of units per injection site depends on the area, the level of muscular contraction as well as the dimensions of the muscle.

#4 In some cases, Botox gets over-diluted, which reduces its efficacy.

#5 You can check with your aesthetic doctor if they purchase Botox directly from the manufacturer. If you’re doubting the legitimacy of the product, you can ask for official receipts from the distributors or you can take a picture of the vial’s serial number.

#6 The storage of the product is crucial: the temperature of the storage area should be less than 8 degrees. At our clinic, we have the main fridge and another one in the treatment rooms to reduce the time during which the vial is outside the fridge as much as possible. More specifically, the vials are also moved from the fridge to the treatment table on a special ice handle.

On top of that, Botox should be injected within 48 hours after opening the vial and should be kept in a refrigerator. The majority are used within 24 hours, based on the daily load of patients at the clinic wanting injections.

#7 Another main reason why your Botox may not be lasting is: Resistance.
When you notice that you’re getting Botox injections and not seeing the desired results, you may be developing a “Botox Resistance”. So, to treat it, we make sure to have a well-handled vial. Then, we use the right dosage, and do touch-ups during 2 – 4 weeks. We also avoid injecting the same muscles anytime between 1 to 3 months from the prior treatment.

Let’s dig in deeper together!

There can be many reasons why some people do not respond to Botox injections.
Here’s what we call primary and secondary non-responders. Primary non-responders are those patients who don’t respond AT ALL to their first injection and those cases are extremely rare making up less than 0.5%. So, I will be elaborating on secondary non-responders which occur more often.

Who are the secondary non-responders?
They are patients who responded to the first injections but gradually were not satisfied with their results. Among them, we need to differentiate between people who didn’t get satisfactory results 1 month after being injected and people who responded well at 1 month but lost the “beautiful” effect in less than 3 months.

People who don’t even get satisfactory results at one month despite being injected properly (good product, well handled, appropriate dosage, and injected by a LICENSED MEDICAL DOCTOR) are definitely considered resistant to Botox, and the main cause is the development of antibodies to botulinum toxin type A.

What can be done for resistant patients?
We try to change the product, if they used to be injected by Allergan, we change to Dysport and vice versa – it works well for many patients!
Or, we would recommend to try stopping injections for 1 or 2 years and then start getting Botox again; or try high dose injections (almost double dosage) – they can be done in one session or multiple sessions over 6 weeks. The last given option would be to keep doing injections every 3 months with unfortunate realistic expectations.

Some medical publications suggested stopping being injected for 9 months then resuming injections, getting injections of Botulinum toxin without accessory proteins, or doing combined treatments to improve efficacy like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections. But the last mentioned did not show any significant clinical value! Actually, some reports showed that Botox efficacy improved after stopping injections for a period of 18-78 months!

As for people who are happy at 1 month but are not very satisfied at 3 months after injection, a good investigation is needed. Possible causes are metabolic disorders (ex. abnormal thyroid function), chronic inflammatory disease (ex. autoimmune diseases), very excessive sports activity (daily strenuous exercises), and heavy smoking that leads to skin cell damage.

In those cases, changing moderately the daily lifestyle and treating any present disease needs to be done!


Beirut Renovation

I am pleased to announce that the clinic in Beirut has been renovated!

We are impatiently waiting for you to visit us.

A little touch-up never hurt anybody.

Not only was the interior upgraded and modernized but we also worked on several aspects to optimize the patients’ experience.


With the Beirut renovation comes new and higher standards for the clinics.

Both of them now have the same standards: we increased those concerning product handling, dosages and sterilization.

We are proud to have the top standards that any cosmetic clinic can follow.

Files are now unified between Lebanon and the UAE which facilitates both our work and our patients’ experience.

Dr. Georges wants the patient to have the same experience whether they are coming to Dubai or to Lebanon.

Due to the hot weather in Dubai, we decided to offer detox water to refresh our patients while waiting for their appointments.

Both of our clinics offer a wide coffee selection.

Our clinic has only the best and the newest products.

Team Expansion

The team has expanded and we are delighted to welcome Janice our new nurse in the UAE and Christina who is handling the patient’s satisfaction.

We congratulate both of them on their new roles!

Our team is looking forward to sharing many successes.

New Website

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Kolkhida 2022

Dr. Georges Ziade participated in the Kolkhida 2022 event in which he was a guest speaker and chairman.

The event took place in Georgia and was hybrid, it featured instructional sessions as well as an exhibition area with leading brands.

This event was about exchanging information, networking with industry experts, and presenting the most up-to-date techniques in aesthetic medicine from across the world, their general sponsor is Aptos.

During the congress, he presented a live training on increasing skin tightening vectors while using threads.

Dr. Desiree also participated in the event and brought back the latest updates for both skincare and antiaging treatments to our clinics.


Aptos is the inventor of cutting-edge technology of minimally invasive threads and methods of the face and body lifting, contouring and rejuvenation.

Dr. Georges is a trainer and a proud member of Aptos who has been transforming aesthetic medicine and anticipating technology trends.

During his visit to Georgia, he went to Aptos manufacturing company and had a lovely experience.

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