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Welcome to Dr. Georges Ziade Clinics

Our Clinics are multi-disciplinary clinics combining experts in the field of beauty, skincare, dermatology, body and facial plastic surgery.
We aim to be the top aesthetic beauty destination in the Middle East, ensuring the use of the latest techniques, technology, and trends.

Dr. Ziade, who comes from a large artistic background influenced by music and art, considers every esthetic procedure to be a masterpiece.
He began his journey by establishing Dr. Georges Ziade Clinic in Beirut, Lebanon, and it was the first stepping stone into the entrepreneurial world of aesthetic beauty. After a few years, he expanded his expertise to Dubai which led to establishing a very high standards aesthetic medical institution. Dr. Georges Ziade Clinics currently has 2 branches, the first in Beirut, Lebanon and the second in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, UAE where many renowned doctors and skin experts are available to provide their services.

Physicians at Dr. Georges Ziade Clinics contribute in the medical education and research where visiting doctors can benefit from a multidisciplinary learning experience. The team of working physicians have a significant contribution in the medical literature and research through many published indexed medical articles and chapters.

I believe in restoring natural beauty while giving the face and body a fresh and elegant look. I am dedicated to providing expert and compassionate care using state-of- the-art medical and surgical resources. Ultimately, my commitment above all is to our patients’ health, well-being, and satisfaction.

– Dr. Georges Ziade

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