Jawline Definition

What is a Jawline Definition?

Jawline definition or texas shape jawline, is a procedure that redraw the jawline using fillers or using silicone implants creating a sharper and better defined jawline

The Procedure

Jawline definition can be performed using fillers and the effect lasts 10-12 months.

It can also be done using silicone implants implanted at the jaw angle and chin levels and the result will last for a lifetime. The procedure is performed under both local and general anaesthesia depending on each case. A hidden incision is made under the chin through which the chin silicone implant is introduced. Intra-oral incisions are made to implant the jaw angle implants without any external incisions.

Procedure can take

Fillers 15-30 min
Implant 1-2 hours

What about the recovery?

Patients will experience discomfort that can be relieved with medication. Two days after the surgery, you should expect bruising & swelling to be at its worst. Sutures are removed after 7 days.

Possible Filler complications

Like any surgery, there are possible complications: hematoma, infection, scarring, asymmetries.

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