Neck Liposuction

What is a Neck Liposuction?

A neck liposuction is a very fast cosmetic surgical procedure that gets rid of neck fat excess and gives the lower face and more specifically the jawline a sharper aspect.

The Procedure

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia through a 4 mm incision made under the chin. During this procedure, the fat excess is removed from the medial and lateral sides of the neck creating a sharper separation between the neck and lower face.

When the patient also has a skin redundancy and excess then a surgical neck lift is also advised.

Procedure can take 30-60 minutes.

What about the recovery?

Patients will experience discomfort that can be relieved with medication. Two days after the surgery, you should expect bruising & swelling to be at its worst. Sutures are removed 7 days after the surgery. After 4 weeks, you’re good as new!

You are asked to wear a facial band day and night for 14 days then only when you are sleeping for an additional 30 days

Possible Neck Liposuction complications

Like any surgery, there are possible complications: hematoma, infection, scarring.

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