Stem cells

What is Baby Skin Cell?

Baby Skin Cells, Stem Cells, Nanofat or growth factor is the most advanced and recent treatment for cell rejuvenation that gives a baby skin appearance.

The Procedure

Fat is harvested from specific body parts. A blood sample is taken and deposited in a specific PRP gel tube. Using a new advanced technology, the patients’ stem cells and growth factors are collected from the fat and blood. Hyaluronic acid and collagen are added to the mixture and the final Baby Skin Cells solution is injected in specific face and body parts.

Baby Skin Cells give after 2-4 weeks a glowing and radiant skin appearance with an effective lifting effect. The results last for years.

Procedure can take 1.5-2 hours.

What about the recovery?

In general the recovery is smooth and rarely the patient may feel some discomfort, swelling or pain for few days.

Possible Baby Skin Cell complications

Like any procedure, there are possible complications: infection, bruising, swelling.

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