Summer is Calling

Summer is calling. Beach vibes. Tan lines. Cold-breezy drinks. A cool dip in the water. Laughter on the poolside.

Indeed, summer is a dream come true & positivity is there as much as the sun is up. However, all these dreams can turn into a painful nightmare once you get a SUNBURN!

Yes, our blog post will be about sunburns. We will discuss what is a sunburn, how to treat it, and how to prevent it from happening.

What is a sunburn?

When you get sunburnt, is technically when the Ultra Violet light messes up with your skin. In other words, it is when UV, causes inflammation, redness, and swelling. In this case, not only the skin gets affected but also fatigue, dizziness, and headache might happen if the sunburn is severe.

Of course, a certain percentage of people is at a higher risk of getting a sunburn than others. Usually, people with fair skin get sunburnt. In addition to that, those who have a job that requires them to work outdoors, and people who are regularly exposed to UV light (tanning beds) have a higher chance of getting sunburnt.

How to treat a sunburn?

There are different ways one can heal from sunburn. Though the redness might stay for days, but the pain can be reduced by consulting your dermatologist and through certain home remedies.

  • First and foremost, consult your dermatologist.
  • Stay in a room where air circulation is clear and healthy.
  • Have cool baths, but avoid applying ice directly to the skin.
  • Refrain from using cooling products, because they contain an element called mentha that causes irritation when having a sunburn.
  • Moisturize the skin with products such as Aloe Vera-based moisturizers and do not use moisturizers that contain mentha, essential oils, and fragrances. These elements cause annoyance to the skin when sunburnt.
  • Take pain relief pills, in case of headache, fever, or fatigue.

How to Prevent a Sunburn?

Our skin needs to be protected from UV light not only in summer but all year long. The more one supports the skin with care and delicacy the better skin texture, health, and strength one gets.

  • Avoid the sun at peak hours.
  • Sunscreen should be your best friend (an SPF of at least 30. Constantly applied on the skin).
  • Choosing the right attire for sunny days (clothes that cover the body and that are made of woven fabric or cotton).

Plan to make this summer and every summer a space where you radiate and glow with healthy skin. Ensure you are not missing out on all the fun and breezy beach vibes. Most importantly, stay posted on what our newsletter will be carrying, from news to trends, and more!


Our News

  • We are so thrilled to announce the introduction of our new device in Dubai & Lebanon, which is Hydracool Plus. A treatment that combines the right ingredients to cleanse, oxygenate, and refresh your skin. Resulting in a natural look even without a drop of makeup.
  • As for hair treatments

A great expansion happened in Lebanon. We have a hair transplant unit with all the technological advancements.

As for Dubai, aside from PRP & hair vitamins injections. We are proud to introduce our new hormonal spray customized by our physicians, in one of the most renowned and advanced labs.

Fun Fact:

  • As for the coffee in our clinics, we introduced high-quality Emirati coffee. We care about your rest when you’re present at our space and we want to satisfy your taste buds.

Our Doctors Journey & Updates

  • Mrs Jessa Descotido is a DHA-certified Beauty Therapist who takes care of our patients’ basic skin care including facials. Mrs. Descotido is now located at Dr. Georges Ziade Clinic in Dubai.
  • So thrilled to introduce Dr. Georges Fidawi to you. He joined our clinics in Dubai as a full-timer.

Dr. Georges Fidawi graduated from the American University of Beirut in 2014 after acquiring both his Medical & Dermatology degrees.

He received further training in advanced Botulinum toxin & dermal fillers injections from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine & 3D reshaping of the face with emphasis on Male patients’ injection from London.

He is a member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology as well as the Lebanese Dermatologic Society.

He attends several medical & cosmetic conferences yearly to stay up-to-date with the newest treatments. Dr. Fidawi is renowned for his interests in both medical Dermatology & anti-aging technics including fillers, Botox & lasers.

  • With the purpose of delivering an elite service to our patients, we introduced a new effective cellulite technique at our Clinics in Dubai & Beirut. Dr. Ghassan Said & Dr. Georges Fidawi are taking up this mission and delivering the best treatment for our patients.

Last Month Activities

  • Dr. Fidawi was present at Dubai Derma, the Lebanese Dermatology Society meeting and a French meeting. In purpose, of updating our clinics with the newest evolutions and advances in our field.
  • Dr. Ghassan Said our dear doctor, presented a workshop in Denmark for Theosyal.
  • Dr. Georges Ziade offered a cadaveric anatomy course and live injections in Université Claude Bernard Lyon France.

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