Influences & Choices in the Aesthetic Field

In the world of aesthetics, achieving facial harmony is considered an art form.

However, on the path of cosmetic transformations, some influences will come our way to convince us with certain trends probably that might not fit our beauty standards.

So, as the title says; we will travel together in this blog post and see how celebrities can affect the patient’s choices and values of beauty when they attempt to undergo aesthetic procedures and whether the influence or the right choice should win!

Aesthetic or cosmetic treatments play a crucial role in helping individuals achieve their desired facial harmony. From injectables like Botox and dermal fillers to surgical interventions such as rhinoplasty and facelifts, these procedures aim to enhance and restore balance in the face. Celebrities often turn to these treatments to maintain a youthful and harmonious appearance, showcasing the influence of aesthetic medicine in the entertainment industry.

Facial harmony is the balance and proportion of facial features that create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. In aesthetic medicine, practitioners strive to enhance and restore facial harmony through various procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. This involves considering the proportions of the eyes, nose, lips, and other facial elements to achieve a balanced and natural look.

There is a reason we are stressing on Facial Harmony and explaining the science behind it!


You will know while reading!

Celebrities have a significant impact on beauty standards, and their carefully curated appearances contribute to the ever-evolving definition of beauty. The pursuit of facial harmony among celebrities has led to a surge in interest in aesthetic procedures, as people seek to emulate the flawless and balanced features of their favorite stars.

  1. Asala an Arab renowned singer, did a treatment for many facets of her face and everyone loved it. After seeing that her smile was asymmetric and that there is something ‘different’ when she is talking, fans who were interested in getting a similar treatment had many questions and concerns and also were affected by her story. Some didn’t want to have anymore surgical cosmetic procedures. Others booked their surgeries with local surgeons because their beliefs that international surgeons would deliver better results faded. And a group of patients considered that what happened with her was always possible and their choice to undergo a similar procedure was not affected.
  2. The buzzing story about the actress and former TV presenter, Reham Said. Whereby, she expresses on social media how she was unsatisfied with a surgical procedure that she underwent on her face, the issue now is taking its pathway in the judiciary and definitely affected her followers’ choices!

What we need to highlight here is the following:

  1. Celebrities are public figures who through their art, lifestyle, creativity, looks, mindset, and stories are able to affect the world. Especially, their fans and followers! Add to that, nowadays, we are witnesses of our favorite celebrities’ life, we became part of their each and every moment, from waking up to having lunch to this and that.
  2. Public figures have a responsibility towards themselves and their followers. That’s why they should do, be, and look their best! This includes aesthetic medicine and how they want to exude their beauty in front of the world through certain procedures.
  3. Celebrities need to be transparent about what they do. Some get cell rejuvenating treatments and then perform an ad for a cream or a center where they did not receive their treatment in. Some use photo editing programs and through their edited pictures and videos made the standards very high for their audience. This made their followers aim for the perfect proportions and amazing skin quality despite the truth that the celebrity in fact has acne scars, asymmetries, cellulite, that they never showed. However, some celebrities were authentic and showed their faces without makeup and their body without edited pictures and that was greatly appreciated by their followers
  4. Aesthetic medicine essentially is an individual pathway for the patient. By individual we mean that to each face there is a story and to each person’s anatomy there are aspects to be considered in aesthetics. That’s why we mentioned Facial Harmony previously!
  5. So, the responsibility of the audience is that they need to understand that each person has different beauty patterns affected by their genetics, ethnicity, lifestyle, and many other things. Standardizing natural beauty enhancement while keeping each person’s character would be beneficial and positive for the society. Aiming for a glowing skin, better face and body proportions without making it a source of anxiety is needed.
  6. From the two examples given above about Asala and Reham, we can notice that:
  • It’s not wrong to have an inspiration and look up for someone
  • Having a person to look up to (celebrity in this case) should not allow us to make choices based on an unhealthy influence.
  • When it comes to aesthetic medicine, the patient that is influenced by a certain celebrity and wants to undergo an aesthetic transformation should know that the decision to do so should be based on critical aspects and a balanced conclusion of an individual study of the facial anatomy, the professional perspective and input of the specialist, and the realistic desired results of the patient.
  • In case, a procedure failed with a known public figure, this should not stop the patient from asking more questions and searching for the right and suitable specialist.

Finally, before concluding we asked Dr. Georges Ziade a couple of questions regarding beauty and aesthetics and here are the answers:

Q1: Who is the right candidate for non-surgical procedures?
Dr. Ziade: “Any person for whom the treatment like fillers or Botox can maintain his beauty, avoid developing deep wrinkles, and in some cases improve her/his facial proportions and harmony.”

Q2: Your input on self-confidence and aesthetic procedures.

Dr. Ziade: “Aesthetic procedures improve a lot self-confidence. I see it a lot personally in patients undergoing rhinoplasties because my patients are usually bothered but the size and shape of the nose and since the nose sits in the midface, it makes a nice and significant difference after.”

Q3: How is natural beauty maintained with surgical & non-surgical procedures?

Dr. Ziade: “When surgical and non-surgical procedures are done respecting the patient proportions, beauty character, and age then beautification is classy, elegant, and stays within the natural beauty limits.”

In conclusion, the collaboration between practitioners, celebrities, and patients contributes to a tapestry of diverse, harmonious, and self-affirming aesthetic expressions.

However, balanced choices and mindful influences should be the basis of taking the right aesthetic decision from the end and perspective of the patient (who is also a big fan of a celebrity).


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